What I do

I help brands to create experiences that are distinctive and build a connection with people. My work touches aspects of strategy, product and identity.

Case studies


heypost.io 10/2018


Duden Online 07/2018


Helios 10/2017

The last five years

2019 HUK24

UX/UI design for an online term life insurance calculator and application route.

w/ Dimitri Steinel, Joaqin Diaz Acero, Michael Wiesemann, Lewis Nixon, Sergej Spomer, Tom Nägele

2017—2018 Cornelsen

Key messaging, design language and proof-of-concept for a future website of publishing house Cornelsen, that serves as a service platform for teachers, learners, students and their parents.

w/ Louise Fuglsang, Marcel Bachran, Michael Wiesemann, Marina Neff, Lotte Bijlsma, Joana Gordinho, Liv Madsen, Sebastian Saariokari

2018 Duden Online

Overall website concept, UX/UI and visual design for Duden Online’s free and paid services.

w/ Drew Goldblatt, Joana Gordinho, Lotte Bijlsma, Louise Fuglsang, Marcel Bachran, Silke Krieg

2018 heypost.io

Visual brand and marketing website for a new kind of editorial analytics tool.

w/ Marcel Bachran, Lewis Nixon, Amber Wilson, Felix Noemayr

2018 sast.io

A visual brand and a marketing website in 12 days.

w/ Marcel Bachran, Michael Wiesemann, Nikolaos Papathanassopoulos, Sebastian Saariokari, Tom Green, Nicoletta Bruno

2017—2018 Thomas

Brand repositioning, consulting on internal and external communication.

w/ Oliver Schmidthals, Eva-Maria Grotzke

2017 Helios

Brand design for Europe’s leading private hospital operator Helios, published as digital brand playbook.

w/ Drew Goldblatt, Thomas Walsch, Tom Green, Toshia Izumo

2017 Quandoo

Brand rebrush and UI concepts for table-booking service Quandoo.

w/ Ayleen Sohn, Dorijan Šiško, Drew Goldblatt, Max Bornmann

2013—2016 Bosch Power Tool Accessories

Quarterly product launch and brand campaigns at global scale, overarching communication strategy and packaging concepts.

w/ Christine Altmann, Eva Schekorr, Eva-Maria Grotzke, Kai-Uwe Niephaus, Martin Stadler, Steven Cook, Thomas Walsch, Tom Green

2016 Humboldt Forum

Visual brand, website and image booklet for Berlin’s yet to come center for culture, science, history and art.

w/ Ajda Zupančič, Christine Altmann, Erik Spiekermann, Maximilian Bornmann, Pia Betton, Sebastian Saariokari, Spiros Martzoukos, Thomas Walsch

2016 Welt

New brand design for merged media brands Welt and N24.

w/ Christine Altmann, Erik Spiekermann, Eva Schekorr, Kai-Uwe Niephaus, Pia Betton, Toshiya Izumo