From data to meaning

POST helps editorial teams to boost performance and embrace data culture. It is a tool that turns analytics data into actionable recommendations in plain language.

We developed a go-to-market website and a visual language that mirror this new approach.



Together w/

Marcel Bachran, Lewis Nixon, Amber Wilson, Felix Noemayr


Google DNI + Edenspiekermann



POST has been created by Edenspiekermann and Pandata, funded by the Google Digital News Initiative (Google DNI).

Its special characteristic is that it uses real-time analytics data to generate human-readable insights and to solve a very. This helps to close the gap between data analysts and editors.

With Post, the people who produce content can react directly to its performance, and the people who analyse performance can automate parts of their work.

Bridging the gap

heypost.io_fordataanalysts@2x heypost.io_foreditors@2x

POST speaks the language of both data analysts and content creators.

As an additional benefit, Post makes teams check combinations of metrics that reveal correlations and specific need for action, rather than one single metric that can easily be misinterpreted.

Promoting POST

When POST was almost ready for launch, the team working on it decided to put themselves in the client’s shoes and "hire" my team to help them with the go-to-market.

Together we defined how POST could be positioned against established and less established competitors, who exactly should be targeted first, how we would explain what POST does and what all that could feel and look like.

The visual language of POST captures the empowering characteristic of POST, adds some boldness and points out that working with data is fun if it’s done in the right way.

Eventually, we built heypost.io as the first lead generating touch-point towards content-team members and their managers.

Illustration style

heypost.io_context@2x heypost.io_howitworks_hero_2x heypost.io_metrics@2x heypost.io_datainformedculture@2x heypost.io_performanceboost@2x

Data is dry. So we defined a rather loud illustration style to help make a point, because POST is analytics with a twist.


iPhone XR
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