What I do

I help brands to create experiences that are distinctive and build a connection with people. My work touches aspects of strategy, product and identity.

Case studies


heypost.io 10/2018


Duden Online 07/2018


Helios 10/2017

The last five years

2019 HUK24

UX/UI design for an online term life insurance calculator and application route.

w/ Dimitri Steinel, Joaqin Diaz Acero, Michael Wiesemann, Lewis Nixon, Sergej Spomer, Tom Nägele

2017—2018 Cornelsen

Key messaging, design language and proof-of-concept for a future website of publishing house Cornelsen, that serves as a service platform for teachers, learners, students and their parents.

w/ Louise Fuglsang, Marcel Bachran, Michael Wiesemann, Marina Neff, Lotte Bijlsma, Joana Gordinho, Liv Madsen, Sebastian Saariokari

2018 Duden Online

Overall website concept, UX/UI and visual design for Duden Online’s free and paid services.

w/ Drew Goldblatt, Joana Gordinho, Lotte Bijlsma, Louise Fuglsang, Marcel Bachran, Silke Krieg

2018 heypost.io

Visual brand and marketing website for a new kind of editorial analytics tool.

w/ Marcel Bachran, Lewis Nixon, Amber Wilson, Felix Noemayr

2018 sast.io

A visual brand and a marketing website in 12 days.

w/ Marcel Bachran, Michael Wiesemann, Nikolaos Papathanassopoulos, Sebastian Saariokari, Tom Green, Nicoletta Bruno

2017—2018 Thomas

Brand repositioning, consulting on internal and external communication.

w/ Oliver Schmidthals, Eva-Maria Grotzke

2017 Helios

Brand design for Europe’s leading private hospital operator Helios, published as digital brand playbook.

w/ Drew Goldblatt, Thomas Walsch, Tom Green, Toshia Izumo

2017 Quandoo

Brand rebrush and UI concepts for table-booking service Quandoo.

w/ Ayleen Sohn, Dorijan Šiško, Drew Goldblatt, Max Bornmann

2013—2016 Bosch Power Tool Accessories

Quarterly product launch and brand campaigns at global scale, overarching communication strategy and packaging concepts.

w/ Christine Altmann, Eva Schekorr, Eva-Maria Grotzke, Kai-Uwe Niephaus, Martin Stadler, Steven Cook, Thomas Walsch, Tom Green

2016 Deutsche Bahn

New signage solutions on ICE train carriages, improving wayfinding and customer orientation.

w/ Bastian Boss, Erik Spiekermann

2016 Humboldt Forum

Visual brand, website and image booklet for Berlin’s yet to come center for culture, science, history and art.

w/ Ajda Zupančič, Christine Altmann, Erik Spiekermann, Maximilian Bornmann, Pia Betton, Sebastian Saariokari, Spiros Martzoukos, Thomas Walsch

2016 Welt

New brand design for merged media brands Welt and N24.

w/ Christine Altmann, Erik Spiekermann, Eva Schekorr, Kai-Uwe Niephaus, Pia Betton, Toshiya Izumo